Saturday, March 3, 2012

MYT 2012: deadline reached!

Hi everyone! 

As many of you know, we finally reached the due date of the competition which was on March 1. We were trying to make as much as we were able to make to have a competitive number of models. So at this point we finished 68 models, maybe this is not a really huge number for someone, but a lot of them were quite tough to make to have all the significant details on them. Overall we think we did a quite good job, the only one thing that we regret is that we didn't have enough time to make more models, but as you know, we are students as well and have a VERY BUSY semester now. It was quite hard to manage studying and making models in a fast pace. Anyway we want to present you the last models we made:

Christopher Columbus Monument

One Landmark Square

University of Connecticut Campus

On the right - One Stamford Forum

400 Atlantic St

Stamford Plaza

Columbus Park

Fish Church

1010 Washington Blvd

Financial Centre

World Trade Center Memorial

We want to thank you for your all support and comments and good luck everyone with your towns!
And finger crossed for Stamford! ;-)


Dominika (
and Filip (

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