Friday, December 23, 2011

Hello everybody!

Couple weeks ago Google announced the "2012 Google Model Your Town Competition", so we decided to enter the competition and we are happy to say, that we are going to create Stamford, Connecticut! :) Let me introduce our team: 

Dominika Fronckiewicz

Filip Michalowski

Both of us are students of NCC (Norwalk Community College) and we study Architectural Engineering. We are originally from Poland, but we've been living here in USA for couple of years. 

Our plan is to create Stamford's downtown in 3D, which contains the most important buildings in the city as well they show city's character. We would like to create as much models as we are able to make, but of course the quality goes first :) Below is shown a map of Stamford with highlighted areas which we want to make.

We will be posting our progress on this blog, sharing some important information about the buildings we are going to create and of course some info about Stamford. We will be working hard to make a beautiful 3D representation of our city. :-)

Thanks for reading and an update is coming soon, so stay tuned! :)

best regards,

Dominika and Filip